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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The NeverEnding Story Book and Movie Review

Rating: 4

Hi everyone!  Gearing up and taking notes for our discussion!  I will be adding other interesting pics and tidbits before then, but for now enjoy the following:

A very funny synopsis of the movie here. Hahaha!!!

The cast of TNS: then and Now

Bastian--Barret Oliver

Atreyu--Noah Hathaway

(not gonna lie--those sleeves are slightly attractive)

Childlike Empress--Tami Stronach  (I had such a girl crush on her when I was younger.  I thought she was (still is) so pretty.  And I wanted that dress and head piece.)

Here is an interview of Ende's thoughts on the movie.  And you know, after reading the book, I agree, to an extent.  I would love to see the movie remade with the advancement of our technology.

Also, I thought you might find this interesting.  I included this because I never knew that the movie version ended in the middle of the book!!!  

The NeverEnding Story theme song

Turn around
Look at what you see
In her face
The mirror of your dreams

Make believe I'm everywhere
I'm hidden in the lines
Visions on the pages
Is the answer to a never ending story
Reach the stars
Fly a fantasy
Dream a dream
And what you see will be

Lines that keep their secrets
Will unfold behind the clouds
There upon the rainbow
Is the answer to our never ending story


Show no fear
For she may fade away
In your hands
The birth of a new day


Never ending story


Never ending story
Never ending story
Never ending story


  1. That's a great and funny site about the movie. LOL!!

  2. Question for everyone. What do u think of the
    Anthroposophy philosophy? Its a philosophy Michael Ende strongly believed in.

    1. I can see how he incorporated it into his book. For those of you who don't know what it is,

      "Anthroposophy is a human oriented spiritual philosophy that reflects and speaks to the basic deep spiritual questions of humanity, to our basic artistic needs, to the need to relate to the world out of a scientific attitude of mind, and to the need to develop a relation to the world in complete freedom and based on completely individual judgments and decisions."

      here is the link:

      I think everything temporal is spiritual and vice versa. As we have said in other threads, a spiritual foundation is quite necessary. Whether religious or not, being intune with things that are good and virtuous lead to integrity and self worth.

    2. How do u think this philosophy was used to develop Bastian's character?

      To me I believe he isolated Bastian as a symbolic measure to show meditation.

    3. I'll put my answer down below.

  3. LB-

    So I really fell in love with this book. I keep returning to certain chapters because they are so beautifully written, imaginative and spiritually rich.

    I read Ende believed that men similar to Adolf Hitler commit atrocious acts because they have never grown up emotionally.

    What do u think about this?

    1. You have already beat me here!!!! Hi OB!

      I'm going to have to look up Anthropsosopdpossphy philosophy for $500, Alex. hahaha!

      I agree with Ende. When there is no emotional or spiritual growth, it leaves the door open for evil to creep in and destroy. You look at bullying (Bully coming to a theater near you and rated PG-13 so parents take your kids!) and it stems from immature, angry, children who have not developed the emotions of compassion and sympathy. And the more one hurts and destroys the more you seek it out and find people who think the same way.

    2. HAHAHAHA! Yeah! I started a little early because I wanted to read u and Jess's wonderful comments about the book.

    3. I am not really sure what you mean by Anthroposophy philosophy OB, but I am going to kinda answer that while not answering that.. If that makes sense? I feel like the book was spiritual as in this world relies on a "human child" to keep it alive. Even though they have never seen this child they still believe that he will be their savior. That alone is a sort of analogy of our world as well.
      We who believe rely on a God that we don't see or talk too. But know he is our savior. Does that make sense? I also see The childlike empress as being a sort of Jesus character. Or maybe the other way around. If I was going to make this a spiritual subject. Which didn't really cross my mind until today lol.
      The Empress takes all her people of Fantasitaca Evil or not as they are. She cares for every one of them and doesn't interfere. that to me was a spiritual comparison right there. Her patience and faith with Bastion also shows me that as well. That everything in Fantastica has a purpose in that world. And good or evil you are still loved. I hope that makes sense.

    4. Jess, beautifully put. I couldn't have said that any better. However, don't Atreyu and Falko discuss how she doesn't have love? Maybe you aren't at that part yet. And I don't mean she isn't loving...shoot, I will have to go look in my book. But yes everything you said made absolute sense.

  4. Hi new and returning readers!

    I have to agree with OB in truly coming to love this story. I'm embarrassed to admit I did not even know it was a REAL book until looking up books for our book club. I remember seeing the movie countless times and I loved it. Ok, we will get to the movie in a bit...

    Honestly, the book for me really took off where the movie ends. But there is so much to discuss, I figured we should do things a bit organized.

    OB and everyone,

    should this book be considered part of school curriculum? And if so what grade? I know Ende wrote this as a children's book but it is more for adults. However, I couldn't help but think of the reoccurring themes and lessons that would be so valuable to our youth.

    1. Hi LB!

      I think perhaps 13 might be a good age. I mean that's when kids can reason on their own.

    2. I was thinking Jr. High age as well.

      That seems to be when boys and girls (especially girls) seem to become more cruel and vindictive. I know they say puberty plays a part in that but I was never like that. I was treated badly, but would never have thought to be mean and cruel to another person. But I was instilled with moral values and a seed of self worth at an early age.

    3. I think girls become manipulative at that age. I was treated badly but I defended myself. Meaning I learned at an early age to choose my battles.

    4. I think High school age. Again it is under children reading. But if I read this as a child I wouldn't have appreciated it as much or even understood all the double meanings. I knew nothing of "Life" yet. Now I do and see hate and lies in the world. Even High school I did. But I am truly glad I read this book at the age I am now. Because I fully understand it's meaning and what Ende was portraying and writing about. Yes it entertains kids who read this. But then it has this whole other world that I think are for people who get life and have some experience. There is so much hidden inside his words and writing. Again it is like a treasure to discover!

    5. Jess,

      I am reading it to my 4th graders and I'm only reading to the part where the movie ends because we don't have enough time since the school year is almost over. They absolutely love it and are enthralled with the characters and places. I think younger kids enjoy it for the surface material and older kids will enjoy it for the deeper issues. Honestly, I think it should be part of the curriculum...just sayin. :)

    6. That's also what I mean. LOL
      I loved the story as a kid, I am sure kids enjoy the parts in the book because it is a exciting story. Where as when they get older they will see the actual meanings behind the story. So that's what I said. Younger kids can read it and enjoy it but older people from HS and so on will see the double meanings behind the story. I mean any age group can enjoy it that is why I love the story so much. It doesn't really matter the age. The story is so full of everything for everyone. I just meant it would be more appreciated to a deeper level with people who are older. I hope that time I made sense. LOL

  5. Bastian. Let's talk about Bastian. In the movie he is portrayed as an average little kid. In the book he is specifically written as an overweight little boy. Why do you think Ende chose to have his character as such?

    Sometimes I was frustrated because it seemed Bastian was really slow on picking up things, but I had to keep reminding myself that I'm a woman in her 30s and not a 12 year old. I...nope! don't want to get ahead of myself, but there is much to be said about Bastian in the latter half of the book. :)

    1. I think Bastian physical appearance was average to justify his isolation and his reason for being a introvert. His being overweight was to further illustrate his emotional immaturity and insecurity IMO!

    2. In response to your question about Bastian, OB, I think Bastian was symbolic of representing the human side trying to connect with the spiritual. Meditation helps to do that. The times Bastian was prideful was when he wouldn't allow himself to be humble enough to trust and have faith. For example, when Bastian started getting to much power he started letting go of all the good things that helped him reach prosperity and glory. That happens with all of us to an extent if we aren't careful. I think we start out doing the right things and when we benefit from them and start receiving blessings of great success (promotions, riches, etc...) if we aren't careful we begin to ignore what it was that got us to that point and we get too prideful. We have to stay humble or the pride blinds us and then we start making poor decisions because we aren't intune with the spirit. haha! did that make sense????

    3. Ahh! LB! This made perfect sense. I could not have explained it any better. ITA meditation, isolation allows us to get to the truth IMO!

      Bastian learns the power he wields is causing his isolation. He learns how to love both himself and others.

      Why do u think Bastian hungers for power and worship?

    4. I don't think he knew what they really were. I think being so lonely and average, that having power and worship might make him happier. However it did isolate him (thanks Xayide) and ended up making him paranoid. A great leader is a servant to his people.

      It's one of those life lessons that after you have isolated yourself and burned your bridges that you go, "Aaahhh, yeah, not a good idea." Sometimes, friendships can be mended.

      Where much is given, much is required.

    5. See this was another double meaning I saw in Bastion. Atrayu was the same age same height same everything as Bastion except for obvious things. His bravery, his brains, his heroism, his build. I think Ende made Bastion what children "Today" have become. Everything Atrayu was not. So obviously there was a connection of Atrayu and Bastion. So when Bastion read about Atryu he saw alot of himself in him. quiet literally too. And even wished certain things when he finally got to Fantastica that were Atrayu's qualities. I think Atrayu WAS Bastion just the Bastion he hadn't found yet.. Does that makes sense? I know i went Matrix on everyone just now but It would make sense. Since Atrayu saw Bastion at the mirror gate his inner self. And when he finally gets to Fantastica he can be his true self? Because lets face it. Bastion was a idiot. I mean he really was. When he just didn't get it.

      But my point is they talk about other children who have come to pass in that world who gave the empress her name. Ok so what if it was a girl who read before.. Would it be Atrayu? Maybe but I truly think it would take on whoever is reading it's qualities that that person has but isn't capable of showing at the moment. I hope I didn't lose anyone. Cause I kinda lost myself! LOL

    6. I get what you are saying. I think they were still two distinct individuals: real and fantasy, but Atreyu represented what Bastian had inside of him all along and had to find. Just like if Suzy Q read the book before Bastian, there would have been someone that represented her inner self that she had not yet realized.

  6. Oh! In regards to Bastian being slow? Yeah! This was frustrating but I think it was to establish him not being confident in himself. Its amazing how many ways End layered Bastian's character which made him more realistic.

  7. I was mesmerized by the Childlike Empress and what she could possibly represent. I may be totally wrong in my assessment but I found her to represent imagination. Everyone has an imagination, whether it is used or not. I felt she symbolized the whole of all imaginations and because adults and children were not using theirs as much or at all, she was beginning to die and fade, thus Fantastica/Fantasia was fading as well dissolving into "The Nothing".

    I thought this because she did not love or hate. She was neutral and felt all good and evil were important. And it wasn't really her that held the power but each of us. The more we use our imagination, the more we create, but we have to be careful of how we use it.

    I really loved Tami Stronach as the Childlike Empress. I love that the director used a child! Children are the most imaginative and creative. I loved that she was all in white representing purity and light.

    1. The Childlike Empress was such a wonderful character. TRUTH time: I like to read the book then watch the film. Why? I often imagine the design then watch the film to see if the designer and I imagined the same thing for the characters. LOL!!

    2. Ende haaaaated the film! And you know, if it had been my book, I would have been upseet too.

      The Ivory Tower wasn't anything like the book version. In the book it was so descriptive and how on that tower was an entire city. In the film it was this tall white thing with this big old flower. It wasn't a city at all. That was disappointing.

      Ok, what does giving the Childlike Empress a new name represent?????

    3. I like that OB! Hope and life represents a new birth of sorts. I like it! :)

  8. I'm really disappointed we did not get to see Atreyu in his land the Grassy Ocean. I would love to have seen the purple buffalo.

    Here is the description of Atreyu: blue-black hair and olive green skin. I know when they made the film they attempted to do that with the character, but the green did not come across very well. I also would have loved to have seen the seen with Ygramul the Many. That was a fantastic scene and what a visual. Again, that was cut because they did not have the special affects to do that.

    Honestly, as much as I love the original film, I would love to see what could be done with this story and characters with our use of CGI. I also think staying closer to the book and the vision Ende had, it would probably be a bit darker, but amazing.

    1. Yeah! I would not mind seeing this great film and characters brought to life with CGI. But Ende's vision has to be honored because its such a strong message I think kids could really benefit from today. I guess what I'm saying, CGI can't overpower the story

    2. No absolutely not! I think CGI should enhance the powerful message and Ende should have a say in how his characters and message is portrayed on screen. I think it was sort of lost in the original and as an adult I felt that having Bastian and Falkor go chase the bullies was not what Ende would want shown. He never would have had Bastian do that. It defeats the purpose of the story and lesson learned.

    3. I think the story really picks up the second half. yes in the first half, we see Atreyu display acts of courage and bravery, but he was raised to be a warrior. Bastian is not and so watching him grow from the time he lands in Fantastica until the time he leaves is the more amazing and riveting part of the story.

    4. Yeah! ITA it defeats the purpose of the book. Bastian actually matures and sees the error in his ways instead of trying to deny them. It was difficult for me to watch the entire film TBH because it's not what I envisioned or agree with. After I read a book like this where I fall in love with the characters u want them to be fully realized by all in involved and not just thrown together.

  9. OB and others,

    I have to leave for the evening, but I would love to do a second live discussion to discuss the second half of the story. That is the real meat and potatoes and I think there is much to be discussed in terms of spiritual guidance and self-reflection in those chapters.

    Would another Monday at this same time be ok?

    1. Let me see and I will get back to u. However, ITA there is so much more to discuss.

      Take Care!

  10. Ok I am super late.. And I really wanted to make the discussion. But because I am sedated I missed it. Which was disappointing. So I will start with I haven't finished the book.

    I chose the book because I was in love with the movie as a kid. And when I found out it was a book like a couple months ago I became obsessed with finding it and reading it. I have finished the first half of the book after Bastion finally comes to Fantastica. And I truly truly love this book. I mean there isn't alot of character development. But the imagination that pours out onto the pages are nothing like I pictured in the movie. They were so intricate and detailed. This world that Ende described in legit one page was so amazing. It was as if you could smell the air in the forest and see the creatures he described.
    However there were times he kind of got ahead of himself and rushed through the parts that he spent so much time on. Or maybe it was just that easy of a read. I had to remember at times that yes it was a children's book. But it seemed to be slow at parts that didn't need it but then super fast on parts that you did need. If that makes sense.

    I LOVED actually reading things that were not in the book and then you think about it and it's in the movie but yet they didn't put it! And it makes sooo much sense! And you are like "Well why didn't they just put that??" Like the part with Atrayu and Ygramul. In the movie I always found that part ok. I mean I accepted it because that was all I knew. But in the book it is because of Ygramul's bite that Atrayu and Falkor get to the southern oracle. And he has that injury on his arm. Why they kept that in the movie I found that a bit odd. I mean they said that Falkor took him and Atrayu all that way. When in the book Falkor could never of made it. Only the bite and the wish to be somewhere would do that. See how detailed and intricate that is?
    Now I think about the movie and see that it was a bit lazy the way they nonchalantly put that in without anything. But in the book there is SO much more! Which is understandable. But The book is so rich in everything it describes. Even the Nothing is such a key point to the story. And the movie just passed it off as a big thing that destroys Fantasia. I never really understood what the Nothing was. But reading what Gmork told Atrayu. And how everything that gets caught in the nothing becomes a lie in the real world. See how that is just so genius? How entertaining that whole concept is? I LOVED that side to everything in this book. No matter how Ende wrote it, by the time you figured out what it was with anything it always had this double meaning and detail life that slowly opens up to you. I love that so much. This book was so much more then I could ever have thought. Like truly a treasure that makes you feel like you are the only person to ever have discovered it.

    It legit made me have this warm feeling. I found myself smiling when reading it. Because it was just so amazing. It didn't just bring me back to my childhood but so much more. I think as a kid I wouldn't of appreciated it as much. But as a adult it made me feel so much more that yes I felt once when I was a child, but now a understanding as a adult. If that makes sense. And I haven't even finished it. But I am almost done and I just would read it over and over. This book is that amazing. I love how Ende described all the different worlds too. or towns. Like there is no boundaries to whatever lives in Fanstastica. And it is that sort of imagination that makes me want to come back and read it. When someone invents characters and worlds out of nothing that has ever been done. That is truly a treasure. I just loved this book.. Well so far.

    1. I agree Jess. Ende did such a stupendous job of creating these places and worlds. I loved reading the first part of the book, but the second part was even more wonderful because I did not know what to expect. It's almost like a coming of age story incorporating imagination with morals.

      The scene that you spoke of regarding Gmork was so much better in the book. it was so rushed in the movie. The Nothing is very symbolic of everything evil in the world and when we lose our way and lose our imagination, the Nothing gets bigger and more powerful. There really is a theme of good vs. evil and how we can overcome our shortcomings with courage and faith.

      I don't know if I would have appreciated it as much as a kid myself. It's very deep and intricate with a lot of the story in subtext. One would need to have a really great English teacher creating discussions. I think it is a great lesson in learning to be courageous and a great leader without allowing yourself to become prideful because pride destroys everything.

    2. OH I totally agree LB. And leaders today would really learn from that as well.
      I think Ende really put that in to show just how the world is today or whenever really. That people have become so corrupt that they are pretty much destroying our world. I love the symbolism in this story SO much.

  11. Ok, so this has been bugging me ever since i started reading this story (hahaha!!), but how slow does Bastian read? I mean am I missing something to the story he is reading? The reason I ask is I read the some chapters in 20 minutes that took Bastian half a day. I know this is so stupid to be asking, but it's something that bugged me and didn't make sense.

  12. I also would like to know your thoughts about the three gates at the Southern Oracle. What did they represent to you?

    I really felt that scene with Ulayla was completely glossed over and rushed in the movie. It is a beautiful part in the book with poetry. I loved how her voice was here and there.

    Just wondering...

  13. LOL ya we talked about his before. Like it takes him a hour for 3 lines.. That is sad. I never really understood that either. But in the movie he reads a decent pace. So who knows. Maybe Ende needed the end to get there quicker so he made it fast paced as he did. LOL

    OHHH the three gates. Well now that I read the book I really hate that part in the movie. That part in the book is sooo amazing and poetic and just too much detail to leave out.
    In the movie the first Oracle were two statues yes of sphinx's but the old gnome didn't say they were alive.. Or maybe he did I don't remember. But That first Oracle was way longer and more action packed. Which I understand. But in the book that obviously didn't happen. I loved how the Gnome told Atrayu about the three gates and so on. The first the Squinx were alive. And if they let you pass you passed. But if you didn't you froze from the riddle.
    The Mirrior gate they didn't really touch up on in the movie they just let it pass. In the book it was the same. But that last gate with Ulayla was incredible in the book. And pretty much one of my fave parts. The movie I never really understood why there were two more Sphinx's and they were blue and talked. I was like "Ok so now there are other ones??"
    And they were obviously falling apart because of the Nothing. But to me it looked lazy (There is that word again when referring to the movie) on the movie's part.
    In the book it was so beautiful. They had the hall with soft lights and all Atrayu could hear was a voice that was as beautiful as bells. And the only way to talk back was to sing back to it. I LOVED that. And what she said was so cool too. Saying how they are a book, and only a human child could save them. And that he was there.
    I loved how detailed that scene was. And the movie now when I look at it is pretty half assed on that part. Why couldn't they put something so simple like that in?? I understand the FX was way different then now, but there are some old movies where I have been amazed for that time era. And how hard is it to put a voice in a room?? Pretty easy considering that the movie Mr. Noah Hathaway after NES was Troll and they used some pretty good FX with that fail of a movie! Js.

    So yes the Oracles were pretty great in the books. Not so much in the movie.

  14. yeah half-assed was right. Ende hated that part! I go back and forth on remakes because some movies desperately need it, like this one.

    I really would love to see this story re-created for the screen. There is so much that can be done now and still be able to focus on the message of the book (which we are getting to). I love how Batman has become darker, more real. It hasn't taken away from the story but added to it. It's not cartoonish or comical. I guess if anything, I would just want the new version of TNS to be as close to the book as possible and keep some of those beautiful moments and imagery on the screen.

  15. Oh I agree. I think this is one of the cases where I could be ok for a remake. The movie has so many rushed parts in it, that this day and age would appreciate more with a remake. Granted they could just botch the thing as well since that has happened alot with books to film. But in this case the movie wouldn't do any worse then the first did. I think missing all those certain intricate points were really a let down for me. And perhaps a remake would do the book justice or once.

  16. Ok, so I got a massive head cold and stomach bug going on at the same time. I will pop in sporadically with my concluding thoughts on the second half of TNS

    1. I hope u feel better!

      Sorry! I missed the discussion. I really wanted to be here for this second part of the book.

  17. What did you all think of Xyiade? What was her purpose? What did she represent?

    1. Xyiade purpose was to stop indecisiveness. She helped Bastian make a choice. She represented time. Time to choose, time to take action etc... Does this answer your question?

    2. Whoa! I got a totally different impression. hahaha!!!

      I felt she was like the final force of evil that would lead Bastian down to destruction. She was sly manipulative, whispering to hi how great he was and how he would be so much better off being alone and powerful. She kept him paranoid and distrusting, ultimately exiling him to loneliness and never being able to return home.

      However, i do see your point. Ultimately Bastian did have to make a decision and without her presence and power, he would not have made it. :)

    3. LOL!! Yeah, I know I was trying to cut to the chase. Sorry! Yet, something u said which was key in explaining what Xyiade represented to u. U said she was the "final force." I think all the ways she tried to control him made Bastian more decisive about what he wanted. Would u agree? Because after he gained all this power he still was indecisive and not content inside. I think people become more decisive when they are "forced" into it. IMO!! I think periods of isolation allows us a sorta process of elimination. I call it purging so we can see what's the most important thing about ourselves we want to keep. This allows us to be content about moving forward and not dwell in the past. Does that make sense?

    4. In other words the more u have something or someone trying to control u, the more u say HELL NO! This is what I want, who I am etc...

  18. Um who?? LOL I haven't read anymore. Not since my hospital trip.. Gotta get on that dang it!

    1. Hi Jess!

      I hope your o.k. I miss your comments.

  19. I am now! LOL Thank you OB your so sweet. I need to finish this book too! And every time I tell people this in my family they say "Well you can't finish it because it is never ending!" yuk yuk yuk! LOL My family I guess!

    1. Well I still want to have another discussion for sure, because because because. :) Maybe sometime this week????

    2. Jess I'm glad u are doing better.

      LB-I probably won't be able to make the discussion this week. But I will for sure come back and comment later.


  20. Hi everyone!

    I'm back with a few questions: this story discusses personal fulfillment and finding happiness.
    Can personal fulfillment make us happy? If so, how? If now, how come? What did Bastian learn about happiness?

    How did you feel about the overall length of the story? did you feel that the first half and second half were two separate stories or just a continuation of each other?

    What did you think of Bastian's adventures? Why did Bastian lose more and more memory with each wish that he made? What did that represent?

    Ok, I think that's good for now. hahaha!!!


    And I loved this book! I give it a 5 and if there was a higher number I would totally give it too! The imagination and total creation of this book is just incredible!
    I had never seen the 2nd movie because I didn't like that they had different actors so I never saw or knew what the ending was to the whole book.

    So when Bastian got the Fantastica I found the whole story to be so interesting and greatly imaginative! Just wonderful! I found myself smiling the whole time! Every creature he came into contact with was just so real and always easy to think of when Ende disturbed it. Ende has got such a amazing way of describing this world he created and I loved it so very much. Granted there were times where I felt that maybe this story was neverending it just kept going and going and some places were sort of dead and boring. But only really 3 places in the book I can remember so not too bad!

    The more creatures that Bastian had come into contact with I loved even more! So rich in imagination I couldn't help but giggle at the little stupid things they had to say! I will say that I didn't like Bastian after he started getting to be a Tyrant! He was really making me mad! And Xayide was making it worse with her stupid meddling! I understand the AURYN when worn by a human child can change them. But he was really making me mad! And Xayide was clearly trying to almost take Bastian's power and have him do what she wanted. Thats at least what I got from it!

    Now at the end when Bastian was losing his memory and found the house of change I found that to be touching and seeing how he longed for something but didn't know what was very sad. Then when he got to Yor and the dream mine I loved that part. I mean to think up a place that all our dreams that we don't remember end up in Fantastica. So great> I mean who thinks of those little details?? I loved that everything we forget in our daily lives Ende put in Fantastica. He brought us back to our childhood and made our old feelings come alive in this book!

    I found it sad though when he did find his dream and he was at his last rope and there was Atrayu and Falkor. The very beings that helped him get to Fantastica in the first place. I cried when he said goodbye to them. I mean I worried about would they even remember Bastian?? Do they remember every Human child that does go to Fantastica?? Or when someone reads it do they forget! Falkor and Atrayu were Bastians friends! And I would hate for them to forget him. I always hated to think that when I was a kid. I used to love Alice and Wonderland or Peter pan. And I always worried that The people in Wonderland wouldn't remember Alice. Or when Wendy grew up did they remember her in Neverland??
    I think that's why I loved Tim Burtons AIW because they made it to where they DID remember her. Neways back to what I was saying!

  22. When he did say goodbye to them and saw his dad I did really cry then. Because after everything Bastian had truly really been through he wasn't scared anymore! And his father and him had a great relationship! And when he talks to the book owner and finds out that he had been to Fantastica as well! I mean how awesome is that?? Now Bastian has someone to talk to about it! I now understand why The book guy smiled when Bastian did steal the book! He knew what it would do. But then I wondered If the old man had been there why was the Nothing destroying the world? I guess he did say that some people can't go back?? And Bastian does get to go back?? I would like to think he did! I know I would! Oh I loved this book it was sooo amazing when you sit back and think about it! So full of greatness!

    And it made the movie even more dissapointing! They left out soo much! And I thought about the end of the first one when Bastian gets those bullies with Falkor and I was like "Wait a min he didn't go back! He couldn't go back!!!" So yes that was lame! And really this would be the ONLY time I would be ok with a remake! And Peter Jackson should do it since he is great with sticking to books with movies! Only thing I wouldn't like is the change of actors! I loved who played Atrayu and Bastian. But really a new one would be better. This book is so rich with info that I almost want it to stay a book as well since there is SO much to take in.

    Neways I loved this book! And I am glad I am finished now so off to read Child 44!