Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Bronze Horseman--Movie

April 13, 2013 update on the progress of the film (and our thoughts) here.

Now that you have read the book, how would you feel about it being made into a movie?  Do you think it would work being condensed to two hours?  Should it be an HBO miniseries?  Are there particular scenes and personality traits that you feel HAVE to be included?  What songs remind you of T & A?



  1. My opinion is no. I do not want to see it become a movie. My reasons are I have a image and idea of both Tatiana and Shura in my mind that I don't want tainted or ruined by a actor that is not up to the standerds. Twilight anyone? Fact is I have true emotions for these characters and I know that if something was left out or a character was changed even a little I would go postal on someone. And I rather keep my personal view of Shura and Tatia in my mind forever without any change, and I am fine with that. So if a movie does come out I don't think there will be anyone "good" enough to play the characters and their raw emotions they pour out. Especially Shura. Nobody could do him imo. I know I am being harsh but that is how I feel.

    As for songs.. Dang how much time do you have? Ha I went through a fase where every song I heard reminded me of them BUT I have simma downed a bit! I actually love Trance its my fave genre so my songs may be a bit different then everyone elses choices.LOL The three main songs that remind me of bronze horseman are as follows:

    Forerunners-Lyfecyle I read the book with this song and its pure sounds are so emotional that just hearing this it come up random on my ipod still takes my breath away. It mainly is because the book had such a impact when I listened to the song but still amazing and truly sweet which is Tatia and Shura anyways!

    2. Afrojack-Take Control- This song again is trance, but the words are soooo Shura and Tatia and their love growing everytime they meet. Just hearing the song reminds me of when Shura would meet her at her job and their trips on the tram! Where when he barely brushes her skin she gets goosebumps, that is this song to a tee. Seriously it is amazing!

    3. Poor mans poison- Always you. Ohhhh this song! I heard this a few days after I started reading the book and this is soo the beginning of the story! I love this song that is all!

    I am sure there are more but I can't think of any at the moment!

  2. Oh Jess, I feel the same way. I don't think I could watch it on the screen unless someone I love, know, and trusted saw it first and said I would appreciate it. Honestly I don't want a two hour movie. Nothing should be condensed. I want a mini series!!!! And Paris and I were talking about who we could imagine directing this film. Who could give it the justice it deserves? We picked the most random person for this: QUENTIN TARENTINO. Honestly we think he would capture the emotion of the story and characters.

    I will be back with songs later! :)

  3. Ok I'm here lol. I don't think Quentin would be good. My opinion is yes the mans movies are amazing. But I don't think he would capture the romance of Tatiana and shura. He would bring long dialog and awkward conversations not to mention gore. This is just my thoughts of course and am so glad I get to say how I feel. About it. I just don't want it to be mob lol.

  4. Yeah, I don't want a "mob" either. HAHAHA! Well I could see him doing it if he used Paullina's script and stuck to it. I really liked Inglorious Basterds. Ok, so say it truly does get made into a movie--who would you want to direct it?

    Also, here are songs that make me think of TBH:

    First Time Ever I Saw Your Face--Roberta Flack (for each of their "firsts")

    Alone--Heart (wanting PRIVACY!!!)

    I've Dreamed of You--Barbra Streisand (wedding day)

    My Immortal--Evanescence (after Dasha dies and it's 6 months before being reunited with Alexander/ after Tatia thinks Shura is dead)

    Ooh lala--Goldfrap (sexy times!!!)

    I hope these links work. If not let me know.

  5. Oh yeah, you will have to copy and paste, sorry. :(

  6. I love Alone by Heart. That is a great song for them! Just so great. I loved the Roberta Flack song too wow.

  7. *sobs* I looove this book *rocks in prenatal position in the corner*

  8. *sniff sniff* Me toooooooooo!!!

  9. Hi LB and Jess,
    I also wouldn't want this book to be butchered into a 2 h movie; perhaps something like the British mini series "Pride & Prejudice" with Colin Firth could work (I have to check out the director and writer of the screenplay because they did a good job by encluding the essentials of the book). But unfortunetely I cannot think of any actor to play Alexander, absolutely no one who would match the image of Shura I have in mind. Any ideas, ladies? Sorry, I can't contribute a song but for all the tender moments between Alexander and Tatiana I would recommend a piece of classical music: Peter Tchaikovsky's "Andante cantabile" for cello and orchestra, the beginning has such a wonderful melody, really heartbraking.

  10. Sony!

    Thank you for introducing the classics! I have so many favorite composers but haven't had a chance to collect all the pieces that I love.

    For those interested in listening to Tchaikovky's "Andante Canntabile"

    (remember copy and paste.)

    Yes, a mini series would be the better option, imo, as well. Honestly, I would want unknown actors because I think I could give them more of a chance to take on my favorite couple. Anyone that is remotely famous: no thanks. I already have expectations and someone familiar in the HW community would increase those expectations double fold!

    Now having said that, so many people did not want Robert Pattinson to play Edward because "no one could play Edward". Ok well a lot of people had their own actor in mind, blah, blah, blah, but getting to the point, we all had an "Edward" in our mind. And look what happened. Honestly, I'd never heard of the dude before Twilight, so my expectations were zero, zip, zilch. As much as we don't think someone could play the role of Alexander/Shura, it is POSSIBLE that he is out there. I dunno. Just ignore me. ;)

    Sony, Jess: other than the obvious (and you know what I mean, wink, wink) what scenes in the book would have to be played to the "T" with the same emotion on the screen? I have several moments that I wouldn't want altered, chopped, or edited out, but at the moment my brain is fried and I can only think of one: when they first meet on the street. That has to be set up so absolutely perfectly because this is the moment that is going to determine the rest of the movie. I want to see Tania carefree, eating her ice cream on the bench, humming her song, and a gentle breeze, unaware of the beautiful man watching her from across the street.. I want to see my tall, dark, handsome Alexander engulfed in her as he watches her, with that look in his eyes as though the heavens have opened and he is watching an angel that is going to bring everything good and wonderful into his life. Yes, that's how I see it and a director better not fudge it up!

    Ok, will have to come back with other moments.

  11. Ok, I think the scene where Alexander is cleaning Tania after finding her under the rubble at the train station. I think that could be a very tender moment. No dialogue, just washing her and their emotions, like a montage sequence. I think that scene is incredibly tender, especially when Tania is so embarrassed having Alexander see her this way, and yet he is just so grateful she is alive and wants to just hold her and love her.

  12. For me the scenes that would HAVE to be the same is obviously when they first meet, the trip on the bus that longing. When Tatia tells Shura she doesn't want him coming to her work anymore. That dialog all of it her finding out how he feels. Hearing him feircly whisper "Everything!" to her OH GOD!

    Also all of their nightly walks..
    OH and St Issacs. Also he Hospital when he comes to her. Obviously Lazerevo! And when he see's her again. And the BOW CHICCA BOW WOW. Their wedding. Ok you see where I am going with this! ALL OF IT! Ahhhh I give up!

  13. Ok, what page is the dialogue on that you are talking about???

  14. Crap I don't have my book at the moment.. Let me think. It is when Tatia is telling him about her plan of getting the clothes of the guy from helsinki and he will wear his clothes and dog tags. And Shura can't believe how amazing his wife is! He is in the hospital. That is where I stopped because the next line is "Having hope helps you heal faster" or something like that!

  15. wait THAT comment was for the other topic crap! Wait switch!!! LOL The dialog I am talking about is right when She tells him he can't come see her anymore because of Dasha, and he tells her why doesn't she fight for what she wants, and she says "What do you want from me? and he whispers "Everything!" OH MY GOD!!! That is the dialog there is more of course but I can't remember word for word.

  16. Oh yes, Jess. I agree, great quote. Alexander wants all of Tania: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. He wants her stubbornness, love, adoration, generosity, fiestiness, etc...

  17. Mmmm off to read shura since just reading your post made me want him NOW!!!

    PS I love your Avi Bells!! Lookin good there Major Shura! OOOH YAAAA!! (That took me FOREVER!!!)

  18. Awww, I found the dialogue "Everything!" he whispered fiercly (page 110 in my book), that really is an intense scene. And I found some wonderful sentences when they are at St.Isaac: "We can't forget that I owe you my life." She gazed at him. "We can't forget that I belong to you." "I like the sound of that" Alexander said. And I truely love Alexander's strength and determination: "Raging against my fate, it's the only fucking thing I ever do. I just refuse to be defeated."
    Now off to Lazarevo...I need to read some actions in a tent!

  19. Oh sony I forgot about those parts!! I LOVE when she says that to Shura in St. Isaacs that she belongs to him! Oy love it!

    New songs that remind me of the book!!

    Human-The killers
    Really the part where he says "let me know is your heart still beating!"

    This bed-Maroon 5 (He sings about not getting out of this bed with her REALLY!!!)

    there is more but I shall return once I remember them.

  20. Thought of another..

    Not over you-Gavin Degraw

    The words remind me of when they are trying to pretend they are not in love with eachother! Ahh love it!

  21. Ok I have another song.. Without you-David Guetta and Usher. Oh my god the words are SO Shura and Tatia at the end of the book where I am currently.. ugh

  22. Well an HBO series for this film sounds o.k. However, I would love,love, love to see it on the big screen for it's rich production design possibilities.

    Directors: I would say David Cronenberg because he understands how to direct thirst, hunger and horror so well. Look at a Dangerous Method trailer or The History of Violence.

    Second and third choice would be.

    Darren Aronofsky-because he can articulate visually the inner dialogue and anguish between characters very well.

    Joe Wright- He is amazing with period, epic adaption dramas. Atonement is what I'm thinking of.

    I'm glad Paullina has written the screenplay this gives me hope for the film. Finding a Director who shares her passion is everything. Does anyone know if a Director has been chosen? On IMDB it does not list a director.

  23. Hi Jess & LB all I can say is DITTO to your must have scenes in the film. SMILE!!

  24. OB,

    If u can believe in a screen version of this film, so can I! U give me some hope. I'm just so worried about it getting mutilated. you are absolutely right on having a director who feels the same Passion for it. I love your choices! The director of "Hitch" was supposed to direct it. Let the record state: I was NOT impressed! So thank goodness! On my itty itty phone. Will write more later. :)

  25. Hi

    Here are a few unknown actors who I think might make a good Alexander. Let me know what u think?

    Riccardo Scamarcio

    Flavio Parenti

    Luca Argentero

  26. The Director of Hitch? Wow! Glad that did not happen. Andy Tennant has done alot of TV were they looking to go with a HBO series I wonder.

  27. OB,

    If I could squeeze you, you would pop!!! :)

    Yeaaaaahhh, so glad Andy didn't work out. I looked at his body of work and I thought, "For reals??? You would direct THIS movie???" I knew you would have so much more insight into this film than me. Thank you!!!!

    If I had to choose one of the three actors, I would pick Riccardo. He looks the most Alexander-ish of them all.

    Ok, so let's say the movie comes to pass and we have an amazing director, cinematographer, costumer, sets designer, etc...and the actors are able to give these characters the justice they deserve, I'm still nail biting because I was so extremely disappointed with Twilight. Now I DO realize that the Twilight disaster was a fluke, and this trilogy could be a wonderful success. I think because of the deep rooted spiritual, emotional, and realistic aspect of this story, I am so wary of...well you know. I just have such a passion for this story and ...GAH!

    Also, OB, I still wonder about the language. I think there are too many distinct moments in the book where Alexander is teaching Tatia English. As a total nobody in the HW world of how things work, I'm still torn as to how the Russian should be portrayed. I want them to speak Russian so that when she practices her English it is noticeable. But I also don't want the movie to lose the audience with subtitles. But I also think it would make the story more authentic. Also, as you notice, her broken English gets better and better throughout the next two books. If the audience would be just as accepting of a movie spoken in Russian as a movie in English, what would you prefer???

    I still am going to address your first couple of posts. I haven't had a moment to truly write a response and you put things so well, I want to be just as respectful and thoughtful in my answers.

  28. ps. I forgot to add the parts where they speak Englsih with Dr. Sayers and she gets to Ellis Island. There is such a distinction and I think it really needs to be played that way. I know, I know, it's not that important, but I had to get that off my chest. I HATE when people don't use appropriate accents or languages. I'm still hung up on Valkyrie...

  29. Hi LB-

    Hmm! U know my answer. LOL!! Subtitles are needed. However, I think filmmakers need to treat subtitles as another character that needs development. This is what I mean by it. Here is a great article I read on the "Art of Subtitles" Let me know what u think?