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Fight Club: Book/Movie Review

 Rating: 3
it's craaaaazy!

Hi everyone!

Our live discussion is now open until 1PM/ EST, so if you want to discuss or ask questions regarding Fight Club, fire away!  I know now all our readers have had a chance to start FC yet due to real life and other things going on.  Remember discussion will be ongoing, so pop in anytime.  Here are some great stills from the film.

Tyler's transformation at the end of the movie


  1. Sooooo....I am a huge fan of the movie so I thought I would be a huge fan of the book. The book was ok. As I mentioned in the previous post, it's choppy in style as it is told from the narrator's schizophrenic POV. I give this book a 3.

    So why did I like the movie more than the book? Well sure, you have Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter playing the leads, but it's what we get to visually "see" in the film that gets lost in the book.

    We never learn the narrator's name, so that stayed very true to the story. His name is never uttered, however, at one point in the movie, he stumbles upon these journals that say, "I am Jack's liver." I am Jack's THIS and THAT." In the book, the name is Joe and instead of journals, it's just used as passing thoughts as the narrator internally speaks. It made me wonder if this is the crazy noodle in our story. Hmmm...don't know.

  2. Why did I like the movie better?

    1) As I mentioned there are visuals that are lost in the book, that on film, bring so much more depth and personality to our characters. First, Tyler Durden's wardrobe is wackadoodle nutty and I loved that!!!! I don't know how much say director, David Fincher, had in helping to create this look, but costume designer, Michael Kaplan, did a brilliant job portraying a confident yet screwball man. Tyler doesn't give a sh*t what people think of him.

    hang on...have to go feed the troops...

  3. Cont...

    I love when Norton is reading about "Jack's liver" to Tyler and Tyler is riding around on some kids bike!!! Wearing a snow hat! What a visual and insight into this nutjob! I also loved watching Norton talk on the phone with Marla and see Tyler doing his kung fu in the back ground. Again, this is not in the book and yet it adds so much to these characters.

    Marla was Marla. She looked a mess and crazy as the rest. She had some serious issues but I don't think she was really crazy. She just happened to have some major baggage that made her extremely insecure. HBC did a magnificent job portraying her and again her costumes, hair, and make up were perfectly matched for her personality.

    2) The fight sequences in the movie tell so much more than that in the book. Yes we get great descriptions of what these men look like after battle, but it's something else to watch the battle going on. I did wonder why Fincher didn't include the ever present hole in the narrator's cheek. it was frequently mentioned in the book. Yet, maybe that would have made a difference in how we saw Tyler on the screen because he too would have had a matching wound. Hmm....

    3) despite the voice over narration, you do get conversations between Norton and the other characters. In the book he is relaying what he's said, but in the movie, you actually hear the conversation in real time. I appreciate that.

    I need to connect to the characters in a book. However an author choose to do that is up to them. Despite liking FC the book, I was never able to really connect to the characters or have sympathy for them. Again, I'm sure it has to do with the style of the story.

    I realize I have not even come close to addressing the actual anarchy and building of Tyler's minions...I will come back to that one.

  4. Hi LB-

    I read Fight Club awhile ago and came to some of the same conclusions as u did. I liked the film better I think they adapted this book well and enhanced the story and characters.

  5. Hi OB!

    If you hadn't seen the movie, do you think you would have figured out the ending? I'd like to think I'm smarter than I am and would have pieced irregularities together...

  6. Hi LB!

    I like it when a writer is sorta ambiguous about the ending. It allows readers to insert their own ideas and it's quite fun. It makes for a good discussion and analysis. Yet, I'm like u, I like to think I could have come the same conclusion as the film writer. TBH I read the book after seeing the film because I wanted to know how they justified the ending in the movie. Once I read the book I was content with their choice for an ending.

    What character is your favorite in the film and why?

  7. LB-U Said:

    "there are visuals that are lost in the book, that on film, bring so much more depth and personality to our characters. First, Tyler Durden's wardrobe is wackadoodle nutty and I loved that!!!"

    OB-Beautifully said LB. I have a tear welling up in my eye from this statement. So often people view costume designers as fashion designers and that's so not the case. Don't get me wrong I respect fashion designers but costume designers are more like character designers who use color, texture and silhouette to shape a characters personality. Exhibitionism is never the goal it's all about telling a story. Anyway, I know u know this given your statement. However, I needed to explain my emotional reaction, before people think I've lost my cookies. LOL!!

  8. Hey, I'm glad I can bring a happy tear to your eye! :) Heaven knows anything makes me cry right now! haha!

    Mmmmm....favorite character. Honestly, i think it's Marla. I will come back and share my reason. But yeah, she's my favorite.

  9. I really enjoyed Marla because she was the only "real" character. Yes, the narrator was real, but he was mostly controlled by his split personality. She was crazy of course, especially for loving a guy like Tyler and taking her mom's fat to beautify herself later on, but I loved her nonetheless. She seemed to deal with life a bit better than the narrator because she didn't crack.

    However, I do know that there are many people who have split personalities and that is not a laughing matter. Whatever causes a new "person" to emerge is an extremely serious matter.

    Who was your favorite character, OB? What did you think of the narrator's reasons for descending into madness?

  10. Ok I finally made it! Yes it has been months since I have been on but been busy with stuff. Ok I am very behind too! But I just checked out Fight Club at the library and am trying to catch up as fast as I can!

    So far the book to me is just like the movie! Weird. I loved the movie so much! It is a classic and just so unique. As for the book I am quite surprised that it almost reads word for word like the movie. In scenes I mean when the narrator is talking to people. Usually books and movies are so different, and by it being so simular it makes it alot easier to read. Now The parts that differ are the constant skipping ahead when talking about what happend in his life with Tyler. Such as the fight club. It starts off him telling how he walks into work looking like crap because he is bleeding and how Fight Club is helping him. Where I am thinking ok did I skip somthing? Then finally he gets to where Tyler and him start it.
    Just the narrator skips way ahead then beats around the bush till finally he comes back to where it all started. I have never read a book like that and frankly it is annoying. With my ADD brain I need something to stay the course otherwise my brain goes in circles. Which really is this book a big ol circle!

    Now The narrator I imagine and Edward Norton the great!! Thank goodness I saw the movie first to imagine the characters. His monotone voice comes through the pages while I read and he explains the relationships he is having. He clearly has problems and is trying to cope. But it is still early in the book for me to take notice.

    Tyler. Tyler reminds me of one of those eccentric people you knew in high school who always had the most odd things to say and random and sometimes usuless. they were the ones that came to school and were just there didn't pass anything because they thought they were too good for it. Wore outrageous things didn't care what people thought. But if you got into a conversation with them they would talk your ear off about life, and the meaning and war, politics and conspiracies. Just random weird things. Tyler is the man the narrator wants to be! Outspoken, never takes shit from anyone. Always has something smart and intelligent but yet mad to and sometimes useless to say. The leader. Where as the Narrator is a sheep following Tyler like a puppy almost. He gets jealous of Marla or any other relationship that Tyler gets in. And it is obvious why!

    Marla. She is messed up. But lonely and craves attention. I haven't really read that much of her yet but she is just a really odd person who is also eccentric and unfortunately gets rapped up with the narrator at a time where he is losing it. I will post more when I read more about Marla!

    So so far the book is odd. I cant say I like it yet since I am only on chapter 10 and nothing much has happened. Tyler just put Lye on the narrator's hand which that part in the movie was a tad odd. But again it is part of the psychosis that the narrator is suffering from. I do know it is just a weird messed up book. But that's also why it makes it so readable. Because it is so odd and unique. I love unique Ideas that nobody has thought of at all. Or copied. Even if it is off the wall at least it was your own messed up creation! And the writer gets a huge point from me on that. Because Fight Club has stood alone with how out there it was and never been seen before and that is pretty cool. So I will be back to post more when I read more.

  11. LB U Said-"Who was your favorite character, OB? What did you think of the narrator's reasons for descending into madness?"

    Answer: I liked Marla also. Although she had her own big bag of problems. She gave audiences some relief after watching Tyler's slow dissent into madness.

    Tyler is the 90's male digusted by his materialistic lifestyle who seeks solice in support groups. The narrator creates his own fascist support group, which is sort of ironic in a way. The reason Tyler goes mad because he overwhelemd by greed and needs to purge. His answer unfortunately is to develop a split personality to cope.

    Do u think Fincher is making fun of the Narrator in some way? Meaning the narrartor is commenting on the world of that's become a slave to consumerism yet, he becomes a fascist.

  12. Gosh! I should not write when I'm at work. My answer was quite convoluted LB Sorry!

    Let me rephrase my answer about the Narrator/Tyler. Given they are one and the same person. The narrator is the 90's male overwhelmed by his job and dependence on conventionality that he creates a split personality. The Narrator goes mad because he becomes an egg shell of a person going through the motions of his life. Tyler is invented to pacify him after Marla infringes on his prior dysfunctional coping mechanism of using support groups to sleep. The narrator like so many trying to assimilate are afraid of taking risk. He creates Tyler's as the ultimate show of rebellion toward his present reality. However, what is ironic about the narrator. What he hates most about the world in which he lives in he creates and becomes an even worse version of it (by becoming a fascist) on his own. I hope that made better sense. LOL!!

    Jess-I just read your response about the narrator and Tyler and u gave a great first impression analysis. Especially having not read the entire book. Very impressive, love reading your take!!!

  13. OB,

    No worries! :) I gotcha, but I haven't had a minute to really sit down and write back to you or Jess. I will though!

    Oh and of course I can't find my DVD so I haven't been able to finish the movie!!!! GRRRRRR!

  14. Thank you OB! I Like your response about Marla as well. I have read more about her now and I agree. She is relief to the narrators crazy mind.

    Ok I have read alot more I am on Chapter 21 Now and it really is getting more and more out there. And yes and LB knows it is giving me weird dreams too!
    Well the book has completely surpassed the movie. It no longer is like it. Yes some small parts make it in there but mostly the book has made a complete 360 and got even more strange and dark and I truly didn't see that coming. I have a new analysis of the characters now.

    The Narrator has become really really dark. A loner who can't stand the sight of anyone BUT Tyler. He has morphed into this angry, dangerous person who may strike at any moment without warning! Like just a scary person who you see in a dark bus station in a bad part of town who looks harmless but the feeling in your gut tells you to stay away from them. And he keeps saying he used to be such a nice person so he see's this transformation and just doesn't care enough to change it. And that is almost the sickness sinking into his body that is well aware of and accepting it just for the change. However he has his soft side still even if it is hanging on by a small string it is still there. He feels for Marla when he talks about her Lumps and you can read that. He may deny all he wants but he helps her still and that proves that he is still there somewhere inside his head. Even if he tries to hide it.

    Marla she is a very vulnerable person. She has just found 2 lumps in her breasts and won't do anything about it. But when she is around the Narrator you see her vulnerability come out because she tells him things to let him further in. She feels safe around him almost. Or maybe she is so lonely because of her sickness that she is grasping whoever. But I don't think that is the case. I think she saw something in the Narrator and wanted more. Even when he and "Tyler" did that to her moms fat she still came back. And When the narrator told her "Tyler's not home!" and she said "Don't be mean!" That was also a glimpse into how she can be a victim. She is almost so desperate for attention FROM him that she would put up with his hot and cold mood swings. It is sad when you look at it.

    Tyler has become more and more insane and eccentric.HE still goes through his preaching moments and reading about when he was catering for the rich people and left the note about peeing in her perfume and saw the chaos it caused with the husband and wife and just basked in it was sick truly. He loves complete chaos he lives through it. And he is anti apologetic too and that is what is so scary. He does not care if someone dies because of him or someone gets hurt as long as he can sit and watch and be entertained. His leadership is a high for him. He loves power and knows he can get it always no matter what. He knows he can out talk anyone and get away with anything. Watching his transformation was so dark seeing how he was the crazy one. And how people follow him is why there are cults out there! And people being sheep is just insane to me but someone who can out talk and has arrogance and can brainwash anyone is what a cult leader does and that is Tyler!

  15. Cont. I wrote too much! LOL Sorry!

    It becomes real when Project Mayhem ( A cult)starts. But what is interesting is when the Narrator describes how project mayhem started.
    He was BORED with fight club. He built up a tolerance to beating people up! I mean really? that is sick. Just twisted and dark. He needed something bigger. Tyler gives him bigger! Because Tyler is his doer he does what the narrator consciously can't. So they start having meetings about Project Mayhem making plans about recruiting more people. Pick a fight with a random person. Get a gun! That legit made me flinch when I read that part. A gun in the hands of Tyler is terrifying! I mean it is. But the mental power and complete detail to these plans that he gives is extreme! And the rules granted the same as Fight Club but Never ask questions" and after Tyler says "You will kill someone" Um I would walk out right there. No questions asked! I also wonder about the men who they recruit they have to think in their minds "This sounds waay crazy!" But again brainwashing is a hell of a drug when a leader who can talk his way out of ANY situation is involved! Hilter anyone? I mean at first fight club was just a get together to blow off steam for guys. Now it has transformed into a dark scary cult where testosterone is running rampant and its leader is a psychotic power hungry maniac! That is insane and not going to end well for anyone! And seeing how the narrator accepts what Tyler demands is his own mind changing. You can see it's transformation as you read. The more he accepts the crazy Tyler becomes. And that is terrifying. Makes you wonder what MORE can Tyler do. And what if the Narrator gets board with Project Mayhem!? Will Tyler then make something BIGGER for him? Like state wise.. Or Country? Makes you think. And yes I have seen the movie so I know what happens but if I hadn't I would ask that!

    So in conclusion of my 20 chapters, the book is crazy. I like it for the deeper side of things. In the movie it didn't really explain things much and the relationships with the characters where not as deep. But then that is why I love reading books after seeing the movies. For the more explanations. Back stories. So far I like the book. It is crazy but after writing down everything is see the deep dark side to it and as strange and out there as it is It is fascinating as well. So onto the next 10 chapters!!

  16. Jess!
    STANDING OVATION!!! Wow I am so impressed and feel so dumb at the same time! Your analysis is spot on. I absolutely agree that project Mayhem is the peak of his insanity. And what I think all of the narrator's/Tyler's major problem goes back to his father. It seems that if he had had a worthwhile relationship with him, he may still have hated where his life had gone, but he wouldn't have had to resort to a split personality to help him cope.

    Do you think Pitt portrayed Tyler just as evil and convincing?

    I am always impressed with your analysis as well. I think if I surround myself with really smart, witty women (and men), it's going to rub off on me! haha!!

    I agree with everything you wrote and wanted to answer your question. I think Palahniuk wrote the narrator to have that ironic ending. I mean if you look at real life a lot of people become what they hate most. I know of parents who hated how they were treated by their mother and father and yet now treat their own children the same way. And I think you would agree that again, sanity and peace come from a foundation of spirituality and that great sense of belonging and contributing something good to this world.

    Again, wow ladies. I'm sure Sony will have some more amazing thoughts to share, so I'm going to just put my osmosis cap on and rub my head against the computer monitor. :)

  17. LB- Thank you! I thought I wrote too much. Once I get started It is hard to stop! And when I start too every feeling I had about the book comes out that I didn't even know I had! Ok then lol

    To your Question, I think Pitt made a great Tyler in the movie. To an extent. After reading the real Tyler in the Book and seeing him in a whole different light, so morbid and dark, I think Pitt could have gone a bit more psychotic. I think he showed Tyler very minimally. As best as he could. Which I will be honest is OK but now that I read the book it changed my outlook. Tylers part is hard to play though. I mean how does one play such a psychotic person when one is NOT a psychotic person. It can be done I mean look at Heath Ledger when he played the Joker. Brilliant performance and it was so dark for him that he had to take sleeping pills just to sleep. He embodied that character.

    I don't think Pitt has ever "embodied" a character. He has delivered nicely that is about it. He has had 2 memorable characters for me. One is Interview with the vampire the other Fight Club. But IMO I think he could of went darker with the character. Tyler is the Narrators darkest side. The uninhabited person that you can't control. Someone who is so intelligent but soo insane. Pitt showed that sorta. But again I still loved his in it. Just thought he could of done more/

    Now Edward Norton HE played the Narrator perfect. I think he really embodied him. Is the narrator hard to play though? I think so someone slowly slipping into madness. Thats a deep role.
    Helena played Marla great too.

    There I go again writing alot. LOL

  18. Jess,

    Now I am really bummed I can't find my DVD. I will have to keep looking for it. yes, Edward did a great job and I liked how you watched him not only mentally embody Tyler, but physically as well. He started smoking, dressing lame, etc...just letting himself go.

    I wonder if your assessment of Pitt explains in some degree why he has never won an award. I think he did a really good job of taking on the role of Tyler and yet I can see how he could have taken it that one step further. AH! STUPID LOST DVD! I will have to come back to this.


  19. Oh that is a great point LB that I didn't even think about. When Edward Norton in the movie starts slipping and looking awful and dressing bad, he is becoming Tyler gradually. That's a really good observation!

  20. Jess,

    It's Open Book who has opened my eyes to costume design and it's importance to the character and the story. ;)

  21. Also I forgot to comment on what you said LB. The narrator and his Father issues is part of why he snaps. I agree. He mentions more then once his father leaving him and how that left a major hole in his life. He tries to act like it doesn't matter but you see the pain.
    And when Tyler leaves and he makes the remark about how his heart is broken, and that his father left him also you can see pretty much the whole reason for his bitterness and problems. His father leaving clearly caused serious damage and he pushed it down so much that Tyler is his way of releasing it.

    I can totally relate to the narrator in that sense. But I got out most of my anger with my father and I didn't start a cult so ya! LOL

  22. Wow! LB & Jess love, love, love the discussion happening here. Lots of good stuff....

    Jess-Don't worry about writing in abundance, u are working it out and it's great to read your thinking process. I must applaud u reading it in one sitting. I had to read part of it put it down for two weeks before completing it.

    LB-U know I think u are amazing. LB u need to find your DVD because D. Fincher did some amazing things with this book.

    If I may add to the discussion! U don't need to agree with me, just my take. LOL!! IMO! It's important to know the straw that makes a character snap. Meaning if a character starts out one way what is that "one thing or event" that begins to alter their appearance etc... Sure one can say the unstable father son relationship is at the foundation but is that the straw? What happens right before Tyler first shows up? In the film the narrator meets Tyler on the plane after remembering the details of a horrific accident he just witnessed on his job. IMO what makes the narrator snap is his inability to handle the stresses of his job. Sure the father is the root of the problem but the straw that breaks him is the event that occurs prior to Tyler showing up!!

  23. OB! Don't rub it in! *sobs* I know that book is here somewhere.

    Yes, I do believe when Tyler appears, that is the "last straw". And like Jess said, Tyler was created because Marla took away his ability to feel free at the support groups. She knew his secret and the narrator couldn't hide anymore.

    And Jess, yes, they did use a lot of lines from the book! And I loved that because they worked. Some lines translate horrifically, say for example, "What a stupid lamb...what a masochistic lion."

    Now I have two questions for you: 1) Why do you think they changed how the narrator meets Tyler in the movie? 2) Do you think the house that Tyler lived in had any symbolism?

    I'm chewing on the second question, but as for the first one, I wonder if Fincher wanted their meeting to seem more realistic. For example, meeting on an airplane and giving his business card wouldn't make the audience think, "He's a phony! It's a figment of the narrator's imagination!" Whereas in the book, their meeting seemed a bit odd and out of place for the narrator.

  24. Oh, I almost forgot! Jess, I wanted to go back to your comments about the other men in fight club and Project Mayhem. Yeah, I think there is some major brainwashing going on and you see it all the time in religion, education, politics, media, etc...I think it boils down to desensitization. (Crap, I hope I spelled that right.)

    Had Tyler brought up PM from the start, men would have walked away, called the cops, or called him crazy. But they started slow and subtle. When we become tolerant to things or people, we become desensitized and we need more stimulus to excite and entertain us. Just look at music. Back in the 30s we had big bands singing about two lovers a moon, maybe a carousel and something else. Now we have songs that are filled with innuendos about drugs, sex, and violence. Songs like these would have been BANNED decades ago, but now we are "ok" with it. And by we, I mean society. You wonder what these men who were apart of fight club were like. How did they get so lost?

    ok, blah, blah...:)

  25. OB: movie, I know that MOVIE is here somewhere. My brain is gone.

  26. Ok Sooo much to cover on! I am loving this discussion though!!

    First I agree with the straw the broke his back. However I think it was a number of things happening at once. He lived in a very controlled enviroment. His house was controlled, his job was safe and controlled, even the groups were controlled. But when one little piece moved everything changed. Everything became uncontrollable. His group he lost because of Marla, His Job. So he just couldn't take it anymore, And while sitting on the beach he there created Tyler. Who if you remember was making that hand to sit in perfection for just one minute. That to me reflected alot of what the narrator is and wanting.

    LB your questions:
    1.I think they changed the meeting because like OB said it was out of character for the Narrator. i found it weird just reading it. I was like "A nude beach.. mmkay?" How odd. But in the movie I think the actually made that genius! If you remember in the Movie whenever the Narrator ran into a snag into his life that quick film flash would show up and it was Tyler. Did anyone ever catch that in the movie? It was spectacular, you see the Narrator snapping gradually just by seeing that flash.
    So by the time Tyler shows up in the airport riding the moving sidewalk and then the plane. The narrator has lost it. Seeing that crash and how disposable one can be he snaps. That is the case that the movie did this scene much better than the book. And I applaud the director for executed it perfectly.

    2. Oh I think the house Tyler lived in had alot of symbolism. Look at the Narrator's house first. Perfect. Every piece of furniture owned him. He was attached. And it was like a glimpse into his perfect/imperfect life. A picture serenity. Him being normal not crazy.
    then he moves into Tylers. Dirty, Nothing in their he owns. Nothing works. Its a dump and is dark and creepy. He describes the flooring as etched and once beautiful.. Key word "ONCE." Everything that Tyler is is what his house is. Everything that the Narrator is is what HIS house was. Just like Tyler and Him. They are night and day different. And it reflects on where they live too. Tyler could give two shits about his house and how it looks. It doesn't own him. He is going to die anyway so why waist on materialistic things that own you? I think the book is deep. And Everything has alot of symbolism if you look into it enough.

  27. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! :) *happy dance*

    Thank you Jess for bringing up the film flash of Tyler! I noticed that too and thought that was BRILLIANT of Fincher. It went hand in hand with Tyler film flashing genitalia into the movies. Fincher has done other incredible movies too, with his current one The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. That looks great!

    AS far as the house, I never really thought about it till I read the book and started watching the movie again. Your assessment is perfect.

    I want to discuss Tyler being subject to his minions during Project Mayhem, but I want to finish the movie before doing so. Again it's played out differently in the movie, as far as I remember. And this is when the narrator, the last fringe of his existence, is trying desperately to survive and not let Tyler take full control.

  28. Oh another question for ya'll:

    How the heck did Tyler learn everything he knew? Is it something he learned while in split personality? Or did it carry over from things maybe the narrator watched on TV or read about? I always found that so interesting.

  29. Yes the movie tied that part perfectly! the flash. Loved it.

    Oh LB I ALWAYS thought that too. he is so intelligent. He has a answer for everything and knows things about life, and guns, and bombs. I truly believe that our Brains are more powerful than we know. I think that if our brains believed enough that we knew something it truly would happen. Does that make sense?? I think the narrator while creating Tyler was so incredibly bored with his life and knew everything he thought he could know. Tyler being the exact opposite of everything the Narrator is and what he wants to be knows things he is smart, a leader. A person who can do anything. I mean when I took psychology in school, we had to watch movies of people with split personalities. And they would legit as the other person come up with things that the real person thought they didn't even know or do. It is incredible how our brains can hold that knowledge. It really is incredible to think about.

    For example my sisters grama she has paranoid schizophrenia and she would sit and tell these long elaborate stories of her life things we had NO Idea she did or knew how to do.
    She would talk about people she met, and how she was a nurse and she worked on patients and went into details. She NEVER did any of that come to find out. Her other personality made it up. It was incredibly disturbing and growing up and finding out that it wasn't real my mind couldn't understand how she could go into detail like that without ever doing it. Just the brain without control and a conscience is a scary weapon if you think about it.

    But again I believe that Tyler just knew. He is the power behind the Narrator so why not. But maybe while the Narrator was "sleeping" he learned it? But I will stick with my first statement. Just so dark what we can be capable of.

  30. Wow! That is absolutely fascinating Jess!

    As for our brains, I believe it holds all knowledge, but for other reasons that I won't go into here, we are only given a certain amount to use. Some get more than others, but I believe its all part of a design.

  31. I did want to touch a bit on what I have read recently. I know I said 10 chapters but I HAVE to comment on 21 through 26 where I am now.

    When Tyler just leaves and the Narrator is trying to cope he is at his darkest still. But he still tries to get Tyler to come back. He takes the 12 drivers licenses and goes around asking about him and wondering where he is. He is heartbroken that he left. But he sees all the space monkeys getting more and more chaotic. Like his world that he made with Tyler is crumbling as well. And he isn't doing very well with it.
    But I must say I liked the part where he is finally getting it.that Tyler may be him. When the bar guy tells him HE is Tyler and he starts to really think. And calls Marla. That part was more insightful then in the movie. To me anyways. Because Marla tells him yes you are Tyler and so on. But when Tyler shows up while the Narrator was in bed "Sleeping" As he calls it I think the movie did that better.

    Ok picking apart that whole scene where Tyler comes back. How interesting was that? He is mad that the Narrator was talking about Tyler behind his back. But when he tells Tyler while you are "Sleeping" he goes and does his own life through him. That is some really deep stuff right there. "Sleeping" How crazy is that. His side of his brain that is HIM goes into a blank state telling it to "sleep" while the Tyler part comes out and does his thing! That is fascinating to me. And very creepy. And if the Narrator tries to stop Tyler, Tyler will do something horrible to him or them. THAT is even creepier! Your OWN sick brain is threatening YOU! A vision that YOU Made up is telling you, the person who OWNS the body that it will harm the BOTH of you! And yo truly believe it!! WHAT? I mean that is sick and sooo twisted in itself! THAT is just WOW! When I read that I was shocked. Just amazed how completely far out there that is.

    So poor Narrator is trying to STOP Fight club and project mayhem and realizing that Tyler is in to deep! It doesn't matter if he invented it or not. The minions are too far gone in their brainwashed antics and cannot be stopped. Also in the book they told the Narrator that he SAID he would say to stop it and if he tries to rebel to kill him or something. But Idk if that part is in the book yet. I mean Tyler is not only crazy he also covered his tracks with steal! No matter what the minions are too far gone to stop now. And of course Tyler started them in most of the country too. Again the man is a evil genius! They would take over the world if they wanted. And it also poses the question how vulnerable are men?? these men. Most of them are older I am guessing Mid life crisis? They are not happy with the life they have made need more?? So join a cult?? Messed up really!

    Also I loved the part with Marla and she is talking to the Narrator. In the movie she wants him to get away from her. But I love that in the Book she is even funny. Talking about "One time I dated a guy who couldn't get enough piercings!" And she isn't bothered by the narrator having a split personality because that is something Marla is drawn to. Messed up men! It is obvious. And She wants to go shopping because Tyler gets free stuff. She is making the situation lighter for the Narrator who is losing his since of everything. She is good for him to stay grounded. And awake! Ok so off to the next chapters!

  32. Ok I finished the book! And overall I give it a 3 1/2 or 4. It wasn't The best book I have ever read but it was interesting and different. The only thing I didn't really like was the graphic description of how they fought and what happend to them. Reading how his cheek gets tore open, and his teeth bite his tongue off ya I am good. No thanks.

    So for my opinion of the last 4 chapters. Wow on the part where he goes to work and finds out his boss is dead and Tyler/Him killed him. I mean that part was played out very well in my opinion. They didn't show that in the movie but I liked the way the Narrator describes why his boss died. He gave PERMISSION to Tyler to kill him. He said out loud that he wanted out of his job. The other personality took that to mean KILL the boss. I mean that is just incredible. The complete psychosis of that statement is so mind boggling! Its bad enough Tyler threatens both of their lives with something bad it the Narrator doesn't comply. But now because he gave Tyler a simple "I want out of my job" that gives Tyler the Idea that he has to kill his boss. Just trying to understand that is really hard. Its HIM the narrator! He is isn't even in control of his own body! And to be honest if you can't trust yourself who can you trust? I mean really??

    When the Narrator stays on the bus and those guys try and castrate him that is the part I was referring to in the movie but he was at the airport. Somehow I didn't remember it and really thought they were going to take them off. But alas they didn't but for a second there I was worried. Now at the end I really didn't like how it came together. The movie beat that part out perfectly. I liked in the movie where the narrator has a fight with Tyler and then he finds out HE is holding the gun. The book went over that but not as directly it was more known. Does that make sense? Just that part was way better in the movie. I didn't like that Marla came in with her friends and tried to stop him. I did understand that the Narrator was feeling sooo lost and not understood. Because Tyler is him. Tyler killed these people not him. But I did like when Marla says she knows the difference. That was sweet.
    In the movie it shows the Narrator actually killing Tyler. you don't see that in the book and when he does shoot himself he is then recovering in a Hospital. In the movie I loved how it ended. When Narrator and Marla hold hands watching all the buildings collapse and he says "Marla you met me a very strange time in my life" That imo was a very good ending.

  33. Now the way the Author actually ended it was in a way terrifying to me. Because what does one do when there is a power that is uncontrollable? What can one do really? Nothing and that is scary. The Author left it that the Narrator was in the hospital recovering but still getting letters from all the space monkeys who are STILL doing project mayhem! I mean really? Even the guys who work IN the hospital he is at are in the club. It has become too powerful now. NO way of stopping it because there are so many inside jobs now that you legit can't trust anyone! I mean in this world the Author left us in it can be taken over by these guys and will be. That made me think how horrifying this world is just by one man with two brains! I mean WOW. And he doesn't want to go back because he knows there is no normalcy anymore. It is overran and no way to stop it. That left soo many questions in my mind. Like whats going to happen NOW?? Is the world going to start another war? Mad max style I mean hmm just unanswered.

    And then you look at our world too which parallels this one. How just by starting someone that people love to do men in this case. And make it grow bigger and bigger until you get trust and then when you start spouting your crazy at them they just follow! How sad is our world to be so consumed with a need for life and excitement that we just lose all reason for madness. Fascinating.

    So the book was good. A real mind jerk but hey I liked it. Going to watch the movie tonight too. OH and I really liked the "Afterword that Chuck wrote. How he descried writing the book and it being a short story. Then hearing peoples actual opinions of what they thought the book was really about. I mean gay men in steam baths?? Really? I know people interpret different things but come on. he seems witty and funny and very gracious. I mean his book changed alot. It is worldwide known and hell I still quote some of the lines! But reading all of that I don't think I will eat at a catered event again where the waiters serve you your food.. Just to be safe.

  34. Jess, before I get to your amazing posts, I have a question:

    Why do you think Tyler changed his appearance at the end of the film?

  35. Oh I am glad you asked me that. Last night when looking up Fight Club quotes I came aross this one from Edward Norton:
    "We decided early on that I would start to starve myself as the film went on, while [Brad Pitt] would lift and go to tanning beds; he would become more and more idealized as I wasted away."

    I think at the peak of the Narrators crazy. He was wasting away while Tyler was at his best looking. So while the Narrator FINALLY found out that Tyler was him I think Tyler brought himself back down the the Narrators level. Does that make sense?? He wasn't as Hot anymore because the Narrator figured it out and knew so They were the same level now.

  36. Wow! That is very interesting and fascinating. It also makes complete sense. I also see Tyler more as a bully now because he is doing whatever it takes to take full control. His shaved head is usually worn by those who are in authority. I think his last appearance is really portraying the authority he has at this point. He literally changed from crazy psycho, charmer to insane bully.

    I just added additional pics to show Tyler at the end of the film.

  37. OH that makes sense too! The space monkeys have a shaved head! It shows that he is so far invested in Project Mayhem! And in full control. Also I agree with the bully part. He becomes really mean to the Narrator. He does say in the movie "Look how far you have come because of ME!" Like crazy that a part of your brain would think that they helped you get to a point like that! Wow. And I noticed too in the movie the way the Narrator looks at Tyler. In a way he loves Tyler so much. It shows in the jealousy and the pain he faces when Tyler leaves. He is so attached to Tyler because Tyler is the person he needed in his life. A strong male influence in a way. SO he love him very much. Just interesting.

  38. OH I also wanted to touch on what we talked about before Bells. When you said did Pitt play Tyler well.
    I was watching him last night and yes in the beginning he did. I think he got the witty sarcastic, arrogant, catty always has something to say person down. But when it came to the transformation of Tyler getting worse. No I think he lost it towards the end. I mean there were some glimpses of him being crazy. But Tyler was insane. He grew into more of a tyrant at at the end. And Brad was more of the bully I am going to get you arrogant person. SO yes he did great but did he capture Tyler in all his glory? No.

  39. STUPID LOST MOVIE! I haven't given up hope. Maybe when I put away all my Christmas stuff i will find it. :(

  40. Wow! Jess....I'm impressed to say the least. I love reading both u and LB's discussion here.

    So u finished the book! Congratulations...I have to agree it was not my favorite book but a very interesting concept. I liked the film better than the book. I think Fincher was more definitive about highlighting the narrator's real situation. He got right to the point yet respected the graphic edgy narrative. There was so much visual symbolic richness that supported the story. Ahhh!! I can go on about the art direction of this film. U don't want to get me started.....

    Now, I like the book for it's philosophical current critical view of society etc... However, IMO Chuck Palahniuk interest in chronicling all the narrators reasons for madness drowned out the more interesting views of the narrative. I guess it frustrated me.

    O.k. I'm going back to being a fly on the wall on this discussion. LOL!!

  41. No, no, no, OB, you can't do that! Please share your thoughts on the "philosophical current critical view of society" and "the art direction of this film." I'm not good with political vernacular, so hearing your thoughts might help me out. :)

  42. Ob I totally agree with that. I think that Palahniuk should have touched more on what was going on around the Narrator. I would also love to hear your views! They are very interesting! And probably put more perspective on on what I think about the book!

  43. Sooooo...I found my FC dvd that has been under my nose for the last month or so. "Idiot!". Making fun of LB commencing in 3...2...1 :)

  44. LB & Jess- Be careful of what u ask for? U are venturing into the abyss of my anal rentitive world of nerdiness. LOL!! Hmm! Let me think and get back to u two later. I have so much to say!

    High Five LB-U found your FC DVD.

  45. Looking forward to it Open Book!

    Jess, do you remember if in the book the narrator beats himself up in his bosses office? I'm too lazy to go find my book. :/

    Also, I find it so interesting, yet not shocking, that these "monkeys" join fight club because they are tired of their boring lives and doing what others tell them to do and yet they end up doing the EXACT SAME THING!! Seriously what is wrong with these people? They are like sheep who say they want to be independent and yet need someone telling them what to do. They don't think for themselves.


  46. LB No he didn't. That part was interesting. He actually went to his boss at the hotel where he caters. And he starts beating himself up. Where as Tyler out talked his way out of getting out of the projection job. And what he gets and everything. So really the scene in the book was mixed into Tyler and the Narrator and changed in the movie.
    Because in the book Narrator still has his main job and goes. Until Tyler kills his boss. There were some things that they changed in the movie that I found odd. And usually I don't like drastic changes. Such as when Tyler and Narrator go to the convenience store and hold up that guy and tell him to become a vet. That happend in the book waaay after Project Mayhem. And it was the Narrator to try and get Tyler back he did his bidding still.
    So there was some mixes and matches I didn't care for but it still came across way better in the movie by far!

  47. Oh and OB do not worry about your anal rentitive world of nerdiness. I am exactly the same way. My friends know not to get me started on certain discussions! LOL you saw my novels above. :-)


    By using pop cultural symbols throughout the film D. Fincher makes FC relatable. We see the bigger picture as well as the myopic ones through this process. As the author tries to isolate the Narrator’s problems he alienates the reader. This is why the book frustrates the reader. In other words, the focus on the narrator’s madness overrides the rich philosophical subtexts that co-exist simultaneously in the book.

    However, Fincher can and does bookend a films structural narrative very well IMO! In FC the opening credits begin with an animated tour of the inner workings of the narrators mind then we open up onto Tyler’s POV. Using a non-linear structure to tell the story we meet the narrator at the end of his demise, which captivates audiences interest. BRILLIANT!!!


    In the movie the Art Direction was subtlety orchestrated to convey the narrator’s present reality. For example the IKEA shopping spree montage illustrated assimilation, overindulgence and the irresponsible consumerism of the 1990’s.

    Historical Side Bar: Remember the Seattle, Washington protest by activist against the World Trade Organization in 1999? They believed the WTO agenda would contribute to widening the socioeconomic gap between the rich and the poor while it claims to be fixing it and increasing world hunger, disease and death? The WTO would make us reliant on cheap imports, instead of investing in local business. Our dependency on cheap mass products causes us to consume more energy and create more waste? A good doc by PBS explains the economic concept it’s called “Fixing the Future”
    Anyway, in FC the Yin-Yang coffee table is symbolic for how things work in society for example our debt ridden impulsive spending habits turn us into slaves to credit card companies and the Narrator’s materialistic self-absorbed attitude shows his lack of concern for the world around him meaning his actions are creating his nightmares. Tyler is created to relieve him of taking responsibility for his actions. The reason the narrator can persuade other men to join his organization because he sells them on the idea of resisting corporate America by reactive instead of proactive. Meaning we can still work and buy products from corporate America without making any real sacrifices in our own life. The Narrator promotes FC, using severe reactionary techniques to distract attention away from what’s really going on. However, this method eventually makes men into victims due to their un-willingness to take responsibility. This is where the irony comes in. They trade one dictator for another.

    In the big picture what FC is definitively saying: We as individuals have to take responsibility for our own actions and stop passing the buck, our actions are relative to the world around us. Being too self absorbed in ones own life makes us vulnerable. In other words don’t give away your authority to escape your present reality (be it external or internal) otherwise expect to continually be victimized. Blowing up credit card companies will not rid us of our debt.

  49. OB,

    STANDING OVATION!!!!!!! Why didn't I have English teachers like you. I would have learned so much and been such a better critical thinker. I am learning so much from all of you.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas!

    I have to agree about your final paragraph. Lack of responsibility is rampant in this country. It is ALWAYS someone else's fault economically or socially. It has created huge problems, but fortunately there are enough people in this world who do take charge and own up to their mistakes. Service is the best way to "lose oneself" and not be so self-absorbed.

    Again, terrific post OB!

  50. LB-U are way too kind.....I was afraid my long response would not post. LOL!!

    LB-Love what u wrote here. "Service is the best way to "lose oneself" and not be so self-absorbed."

    I'm going to get that printed on a T-Shirt.

  51. By the way I'm learning so much from all of u. Please keep the great discussions coming. I like to be a fly on the wall as well.....

    I need to move on to our next book. I'm so behind....LOL!!

  52. OH wow OB! I love love love your post! And agree completely with all of it! I never thought of it that way before. I mean I had a idea but it is wonderful seeing your POV and hearing it from another angle. It just goes to show you how much more deep this book really is. The fact that it has double meanings to everything is really interesting. I also like your description of why the Narrator created Tyler it is so true.

    And also I agree with the lack of responsibility in this country. But don't get ME started on that! LOL

    And OB don't worry about being behind on the TTSS I am only on page 93!

  53. Jess-

    Thank U! I can't wait to discuss TTSS with everyone. I'm going to "try" and tackle it this weekend. It's sounds so intriguing and complex. LOVE, LOVE, THAT!! Can't wait to see u analyze this one Jess.

    Anyway-Have a nice Holiday. See everyone next year..